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  • 2012 Halki International Seminar, ‘Conflict Prevention-Media and SEE: Progress or Regression?’

    From 7 until 10 June 2012 the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy organised its international seminar on the island of Halki. This year’s conference explored the role of the media in South-Eastern Europe and their potential contribution to conflict-prevention. The ongoing research of ELIAMEP, which aims at facilitating co-operation between young journalists from Serbia and Kosovo, has constituted the basis for the event.

    The Halki International Seminars have been held annually since 1990 on the small island of Halki in the Aegean Sea (off the island of Rhodes). The primary purpose of the Halki International Seminars is to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences leading to greater understanding and forging links among young political and economic decision-makers, researchers, academics, journalists and other professionals interested in international affairs, while offering training packages on the processes of European integration and the building of civil societies.

    This year’s conference explored the role of mass media in conflict resolution in South East Europe today, in the wider context of the evolving relations between democracy and mass media in new and post-conflict democracies. The conference served as an environment in which results of past empirical research were disseminated, lessons for policy-making were drawn and topics for further research were discussed. Discussions concentrated on the media landscape in selected SEE countries, the role of media in conflict resolution in the region, the role of state and non state actors in shaping public opinion and finally the relation between mass media economic power and political control. The conference format was highly interactive, as is always the case with our annual Halki International Seminars.

  • Halki 2009 – Current and Emerging Security Challenges in Southeastern Europe, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and the Middle East

    This year’s Halki International Seminars, which celebrate their 20th anniversary, focus on the role of the transatlantic institutions in helping local stakeholders address security challenges in the Middle East, the Black Sea and Southeastern Europe. ?t is a remark of general acceptance that this year’s group is one of the strongest in recent years, as well as one of the most populous comprising of 75 participants.

    The first session of the first day, entitled “Global politics on the dawn of the 21st century: trends, challenges, problems and prospects” started dynamically by mapping the future trends and challenges that are expected to arise in the short-term future. Among others speakers raised the dilemmas between multipolarity and multilateralism that we are likely to face as new emerging powers are shifting the axis of power from the West were it has been traditionally located and global challenges like energy and climate change are becoming al the more pressing.