Seminar Report: Democratic Choices and the European Construction (session 03.2)

The first session approached the current democratic choices from the point of view of member states and the main EU institutions. The Convention that led to the Draft Constitutional Treaty was the starting-off point from which to illustrate the persisting tensions between intergovernmentalism and supranationalism. In particular, the pertinence of ‘core Europe’ was considered and particular attention was paid to the transformation that is being undertaken by Germany. The guiding questions concerned the future of the Franco-German engine and whether Germany will remain the ‘glue’ between small and large member states promoting a more federal Union. From an institutional perspective, the roles, the voting procedures and the competences of the EU institutions were considered as well as the question of whether enlargement can precede the Constitutional Treaty and what the subsequent consequences might be. An overall disappointment with regard to the DCT was voiced since it was considered a lost opportunity in terms of pursuing economic efficiency and democracy.

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