Programme of the Seminar

04.1 Transatlantic Cooperation in the Greater Middle East and Southeastern Europe/16-21 June 2004

The Mediterranean, the Southeast Europe, the Caspian and Black Sea regions have been for centuries the convergence point of various cultures. At times, this interaction has been harmonious, and at others hostile. The post-Cold War era is undoubtedly laden with both confrontation potential and promises of co-operation. The session 04.1 of HIS is addressed to young leaders from Europe, the U.S.A, as well as the Balkans and the Middle East and its aim is to explore the potential for a new rapprochement and fence-mending between the two sides of the Atlantic and the prospects for cooperation in order to promote stability, peace and development in the troubled areas of the Balkans and the Middle East.

See the Programme of the  first session of the Seminar.

04.2 Redefining the European Project / 23-27 June 2004
The aim of session 04.2 of HIS was to build on the successful “Democratic Choices and the European Construction” (2003) and to further the debate among policy-makers and academics on the future of the European construction following the fifth enlargement wave, the EP elections and the IGC on the Constitutional Treaty. Its primary aim was to search for new ideas concerning European integration, leading possibly to some redefinition of the European project. This session was organised with the support of DG RTD, and with special thanks to The Dodecanese Prefecture, Rhodes, The Eleni Nakou Foundation, London, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – Greek Project, Athens, European University Institute (EUI), Florence and the Mayor of Halki.

See the Programme of the second session of the Seminar.