Seminar Report: Re-defining security in SEE and the Middle East

The conference focused on four main issues: (a) the current state of transatlantic relations (b) the regional security environment in Southeastern Europe, the Black Sea and the Middle East (c) functional security issues, namely: security sector reform, energy politics and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and (d) the role of great powers in dealing with security challenges.
On the current state of transatlantic relations, the participants debated whether there is a common approach and long-term vision between the US and Europe and on what basis should the current state of affairs between the US and the EU be re-negotiated? Are both sides ready to re-draw a new “road map” in enhancing co-operation? Is the US ready to lead into a new era of multilateral co-operation? Is the EU ready to undertake a new role, more positive in nature and closer to this of the US? Are both sides truly in need for a closest co-operation?

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Article by Daniel Vernet (translated in greek).